45 Consortium

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PLEASE NOTE: This is for the regular Consortium membership, the deluxe membership with ltd edition packaging is sold out!


Over the span of 12 months we produced SIX exclusive 7 inch records featuring new Black Mekon songs on one side and VERY special guests on the flipside with bands like White Mystery, Bob Log III and more.

As well as the delicious physical vinyl delivered fresh to your door you also get codes for downloadable versions of the recordings plus a special extra ‘C’ side.

You’ll also get access to a private online area with exclusive digital extras and a members button and patch to show your affiliation.


  • Six Limited edition 45s with Black Mekon on one side and special guest on the other
  • Download version of each record with bonus ‘C’ side
  • Membership badge and patch
  • Access to a private online area with secret content and bonus downloads
  • Bonus digital live album!

This is a VERY limited club, each record is a single press and won’t be available anywhere else. No iTunes, no Spotify, no Soundcloud… this is just for you!


HOW MUCH? £30 plus P&P

WHEN WILL YOU SHIP MY PACKAGE? Packages are shipped every Monday .

CAN I BUY THE 45s SEPARATELY? You may be able to get an individual copy from one of the bands at their shows in the future (if you are lucky) but this is the only place you can get all six records right away, delivered to your door. They are a very limited run, no represses, when they are gone they are gone. You don’t want to pay an extortionate eBay price in 6 months time do you?

WHICH OTHER BANDS ARE ON THE RECORDS? King Brothers, The Jam Messengers, White Mystery, Bob Log III, Table Scraps and Obnox. Incredible, right?

WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THIS, DOESN'T IT MAKE MORE SENSE TO JUST RELEASE THE SONGS ON AN ALBUM? WITH A RECORD LABEL? We do it because we love 45s. They're the original method of punk delivery and we have always wanted to release an album as six separate 45s (the songs on our side of the records were originally a complete album). Of course no record label in their right mind would bankrupt themselves doing this so why not do it ourselves? Keep it as true to the original concept as possible, d.i.y, show we mean business, money be damned.

Plus, we wanted the freedom to share some of our favourite bands with you, like having you 'round our house and playing you songs you might not have heard.

We are insanely proud of the whole project and we are humbled by the response, from all the bands involved and everyone who joined. WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!