45 Consortium Deluxe Membership

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Over the span of 12 months members will receive SIX exclusive 7 inch records featuring new Black Mekon songs on one side and VERY special guests on the flipside with bands like King Brothers, Jam Messengers, White Mystery and more. To top it all off, the 45s will include very special 'deluxe' packaging!

As well as the delicious physical vinyl delivered fresh to your door you also get codes for downloadable versions of the recordings plus a special extra ‘C’ side.

You’ll also get access to a private online area with exclusive digital extras, a members button and patch to show your affiliation, stickers, art and any other oddities that we see fit to throw in.


  • Six Limited edition 45s with Black Mekon on one side and special guest on the other
  • Special 'deluxe' packaging, exclusive to the first 50 members
  • Download version with bonus ‘C’ side
  • Membership badge and patch
  • Stickers, art, zines and other exclusive bonuses
  • Access to a private online area with secret content and bonus downloads

This is a very limited club, each record is a single press and won’t be available anywhere else. No iTunes, no Spotify, no Soundcloud… this is just for you!


HOW MUCH? £40 plus P&P

WHEN DOES THE FIRST PACKAGE SHIP? Late November 2015 and then roughly every 8 weeks for 12 months.

IF I SUBSCRIBE LATER WILL I STILL GET ALL 6 RECORDS? Yes, if you subscribe at a later date you’ll get all of the previous releases in your first package. BUT BE WARNED, this is a club with a VERY limited capacity (50) so sign up early to make sure you can get in!

CAN I BUY THE 45s SEPARATELY? You may be able to get an individual copy from one of the bands at their shows in the future (if you are lucky) but this is the only place you can get all six records right away, delivered to your door. They are a very limited run, no represses, when they are gone they are gone. You don’t want to pay an extortionate eBay price in 6 months time do you?

WHICH OTHER BANDS WILL BE INVOLVED? We’ve hinted at a few above but we would rather you just enjoy the surprise. Some of the bands you will DEFINITELY have heard before and hopefully we will be introducing you to others. There is one unifying theme with all of the bands, we are huge fans of every one of them. Trust us, it’s worth it.